Review: Peacekeeping Intelligence New Players, Extended Boundaries

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Amazon Page

Adequate Content, Disgusting Pricing,

December 31, 2006

David Carment

I am a publisher, author, and intelligence professional. I was a speaker at the conference from which most of this material is derived.

I wish to respectfully inform all prospective buyers that a book like this, in lots of 2,500, costs a US penny a page to produce. I could produce this book for $34.95, with Amazon paying me $15.75, which after cost of printing and graphics would leave me with a $10 profit.

I am–to put it mildly–outraged at the disgraceful overpricing that the publishers are attaching to this book. This kind of over-pricing urges the violation of copyright and the posting of a pirated copy of this book to the web.

I earnestly hope that Amazon will get into the business of direct publishing to Kinko's and localized delivery by Federal Express, and put such dishonorable publishers completely out of business.


Free peace intelligence at Earth Intelligence Network.

All OSS books, including Peacekeeping Intelligence: Emerging Concepts for the Future are free online at OSS.Net, or reasonably prices on Amazon. We are opening a new edited book on Peace Intelligence (Col Jan-Inge Svensson, SE Ret) as editor and inviting contributions from authors who are not happy having their work buried by publisher greed.

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