Review: World Population and Human Values–A New Reality

5 Star, Environment (Problems), Environment (Solutions), Strategy, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution

AA Book CoverA Classic from the Originator of “Epoch B”,

March 2, 2007

Jonas Salk

I sought this book out used because it was recommended to me by a very smart person thinking about the decline of governments and the rise of the corporation.

Salk was the originator of the concept of “Epoch B” leadership, in which the emphasis shifts from things to thoughts.

Since it is no longer readily available, I will highlight the three charts that conclude the book:

1) A ladder with feedback loops with the following circles stacked above one another: Ecology, Society, Individual, Physiology, Molecular Biology.

2) Epoch B characteristics: Values and Behavior in Equilibrium instead of Growth & Expansion; Technology balancing between Agricultural and Future Industrial (True Cost/Natural Capitalism); Environmental Carrying Capacity Stable and Declining rather than Increasing; and Low Growth Raates instead of High.

3) Finally, in triangles within a circle, we have the Exnvironmental Opportunities and Limitations articulated through the Social, Policial, and Ecnomic sides of the largest triangle. Within that triangle, we have Education, Religion, and Socioeconomic Conditions as the factors impacting on the individual. The intermediate triangle has Behavior, Attitudes, and Values surrounding the smallest triangle, which is labeled Bio-Evolution.

The bottom line on this book, as with Will and Ariel Durant's “Lessons of History,” is that the endgame is about morality, legitimacy, reconcilation, and balance.

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