Review: The Politics of Hope–Reviving the Dream of Democracy

3 Star, Democracy, Politics

Politics of HopeFormula Book “Good Enough” for Many,

May 14, 2007

Donna Zajonc

EDIT of 19 March 2008 to reframe appreciation. My first evalution was written from a perspective one who reads a great deal and is angry about the limitations of those with narrow perspectives. In the past year I have become much more aware of the importance of appreciating the good in context, and reinforcing it. Although I do not normally go back and re-do reviews, in this one instance I choose to do so because I now see the book as a serioius contributor to the emergence of Conscious Evolution.

This book is a fine summary based on the author's own experience of ideas that are discussed in greater detail and more diversity by Tom Atlee, James McGregor Burns, Robert Buckman, Allison Fine, Robert Fuller, William Greider, Richard Moore, Bill Moyer, Steven Pinker, James Rough, and many others.

Here are the topics covered in a very easy to read fast book:

Four Stages of Political Evolution
1) Anarchy
2) Fear & Polarization
3) Silence & Resignation
4) Politics of Hope

Seven Practices for Beocming a Concious Political Leader
1) Finding Your Spiritual Center
2) Serving with Higher Motives
3) Sharing Your Unique Gifts
4) Cultivating Your Political Habitat
5) Communicating with Integrity & Trust
6) Trusting the Mystery
7) Answering the Call

This is not a book I would recommend for those deeply engaged with all of these processes, but I can no longer dismiss it as completely as I once did.

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