2006 Open Source Intelligence (Strategic)

Articles & Chapters, Intelligence (Collective & Quantum), Intelligence (Commercial), Intelligence (Government/Secret), Intelligence (Public)

Strategic OSINT (Chapter 6 in Strataegic Intelligence Vol 2) 10 MB

Full Text Online for Google Translate:  2008 Open Source Intelligence (Strategic)

OSINT and Intelligence Reform
– History
– Requirements
– Collection
– Processing
– Analysis
– Covert Action
– Counterintelligence
– Accountability, Civil Liberties, and Oversight
– Strategic Warning
– Strategic Sharing
– Emerging Prospects
— Digitization
— Visualization
—  Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
OSINT and Electoral Reform
OSINT and Governance Reform
OSINT and Strategic Budgetary Reform
Notes 1-44

Volume II, Chapter 6, pp. 95-122.  Edited by Professor Dr. Loch Johnson, the dean of the intelligence practitioner-scholars, this set, while expensive, is the best available total overview of the craft of intelligence.

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