Review DVD: Gladiator (Widescreen Edition)

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DVD Gladiator5.0 out of 5 stars Heroic, Ethical, Inspiring

August 5, 2007

Russell Crowe

I am dug in deep within Fort Bragg, home to Delta and many other good things that we call “special” and this is playing on TV. I own it, but it occured to me that it merits a special salute.

Below are some of the other great DVDs that old spies and infantry officers like me respect:

The Last Samurai (Full Screen Edition)
The Patriot (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray]
We Were Soldiers (Widescreen Edition)
The Road Warrior
Mad Max (Special Edition)

See a pattern here? The star of Gladiator is totally awesome, but Mel Gibson has more work along the same lines, than anyone. Both are great, I would like to see both of them with Tom Cruise is something spectacular.

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