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August 22, 2007

Joaquin Phoenix

I have taken an interest in firefighers every since they did their all to save the victims of 9-11, only to be betrayed by murderer Rudy Gulliani, with Larry Silverstein, the avaricous Jew, and Dick Cheney, the naked amoral thief, as the other principle actors.

Firefights are God's gift to mankind. They are the good guys. It literally brings tears to my eyes to contemplate the evidence of one surviving firefighter from 9-11, to wit, that bombs were exploding BELOW him as he made his way up toward the fires from the airplanes.

Rudy Gulliani, called “scoop and dump” Gulliani by the firefighters of New York, who rioted over his treasonous agility in destroying the crime scene and covering up the world's greatest insurance scam, $7 billion for Larry Silverstein, Rudy Gulliani, Dick Cheney, and the two unethical witless insurance company executives who thought we would notice.

This movie is about honest Americans. I hope, from the heart, that Gulliani, Cheney, and Silversttein hang one day, after a legal trial. Firefighters: salt of the earth. Gulliani, Silverstein, and Cheney: the traitors, the liars, the scum of the Earth.

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