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GLORIOUS, Lifts Heart and Mind, February 5, 2008

Kevin Kline

I normally do only non-fiction books, but I do use DVDs to unwind or tune out, to stave off insanity while allowing my imagination to frun free.

This is the ONLY movie in my collections that I play weekly on background, often stopping my work to foocus directrly.

The femate star, Judd, is incredibly talented, and as a result of this movie I have gone back to look at her other credits, some of which I list below. She is, in my view, the top female actress of our era.

She is a gold standard, the female equivalent of Anthony Hopkisns.

Wow, wow, holy cow, top-notch stuff,!!!!

Twisted (Special Collector’s Edition)
Double Jeopardy
Kiss the Girls
High Crimes
Normal Life
Come Early Morning
Bug (Special Edition)

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