Graphic: Strategic Analytic Matrix

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Strategic Analytic Matrix
Strategic Analytic Matrix

This is a very straight-forward matrix that is not in use by any intelligence community we know of, and that would be incomprehensive to any policy maker for the simple reason that they do not think in holistic terms–they are all stove-piped by issue and blind-folded by time and place.

Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor of Singapore, has it right: the family is the core foundation for national and cultural power over time, and the USA has trashed the family with virtually every single policy at every level in the past fifty years.

Energy and Immigration bracket the family, and we use them to illustrate how other policies impact.  Bad energy policy and bad immigration policy destroys neighborhoods, jobs, and local tax bases that fund education.  It is all connected and no one in Washington is paying attention to the destruction of the family.

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