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DVD John AdamsRenters & Buyers Be Alert, October 4, 2008

Paul Giamatti

I rented, and learned that there are three separate disc in Blockbuster, AND a duplicate third disc so if you grab the four that are on display, you end up with three useful and one duplicate. I certainly hope that Best Buy and others are only selling a single disc, but thought to mention, renter or buyer, beware. There are seven parts in all. The first two (disc one) takes you up to his riding off to the first Congress. The second goes through Washington's being elected President, and the last features his own presidency, tragedies, the rise of his son John Quincy to be president himself, and his death, the last of two (Thomas Jefferson the other) to survive, both dying on the 4th of July 50 years after independence.

I was moved by this movie, and think ever more highly of Paul Giamatti for his acting. I received insights I did not have before, and while some may complain about the details, for myself, this was an extraordinary three hours or so watched over the course of three evenings.

In books, consider:
What Kind of Nation: Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, and the Epic Struggle to Create a United States
The Thirteen American Arguments: Enduring Debates That Define and Inspire Our Country

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