Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Analysis

00 Remixed Review Lists, Worth A Look

Analysis & Problem-Solving

Analytic Base

Review: Information Productivity–Assessing Information Management Costs of U. S. Corporations

Review: Information Proficiency–Your Key to the Information Age (Industrial Engineering) (Hardcover)

Review: Intelligence Power in Peace and War

Review: Intelligence Services in the Information Age

Review: Power/Knowledge–Selected Interviews and Other Writings, 1972-1977

Review: Powershift–Knowledge, Wealth, and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century

Analytic Tradecraft

2002 The New Craft of Intelligence (Asymmetric Studies)

2002 THE NEW CRAFT OF INTELLIGENCE: Personal, Public, & Political

2005 The new craft of intelligence: Achieving asymmetric advantage in the face of nontraditional threats (Studies in asymmetry)

2006 Information Operations (IO) Back into DIME

2006 INFORMATION OPERATIONS: All Information, All Languages, All the Time

Review: Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, The Future of Professional Services

Review: How to Do Everything with Google (Paperback)

Review: Revising business prose (Scribner English series)

Review: The Back of the Napkin–Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures

Commercial Intelligence Practice

Review: Business Blindspots–Replacing Your Company’s Entrenched and Outdated Myths, Beliefs and Assumptions With the Realities of Today’s Markets

Review: Commercial Observation Satellites–At the Leading Edge of Global Transparency

Review: Early Warning–Using Competitive Intelligence to Anticipate Market Shifts, Control Risk, and Create Powerful Strategies

Review: Find It Online, Fourth Edition–The Complete Guide to Online Research (Find It Online: The Complete Guide to Online Research)

Review: Global Perspectives on Competitive Intelligence

Review: Keeping Abreast of Science and Technology: Technical Intelligence for Business

Review: Online Competitive Intelligence, 2nd Edition: Increase Your Profits Using Cyber-Intelligence

Review: Public Records Online–The National Guide to Private & Government Online Sources of Public Records

Review: Strategic and Competitive Analysis–Methods and Techniques for Analyzing Business Competition

Review: The Art and Science of Business Intelligence Analysis

Review: The Information Broker’s Handbook

Review: The New Competitor Intelligence–The Complete Resource for Finding, Analyzing, and Using Information About Your Competitor


Review: Defense Facts of Life–The Plans/Reality Mismatch

Review: Eastward to Tartary–Travels in the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Caucasus

Review: Handbook of Intelligence Studies

Review: Knowledge Without Boundaries–What America’s Research Universities Can Do for the Economy, the Workplace, and the Community

Review: Millennials Rising–The Next Great Generation

Review: Nudge–Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Review: Open Source Intelligence Analysis: A Methodological Approach (Paperback)

Review: Real-World Intelligence

Review: Reinventing Knowledge–From Alexandria to the Internet

Review: Robert Young Pelton’s The World’s Most Dangerous Places: 5th Edition

Review: Scholarship in the Digital Age–Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet

Review: Secrets of the Super Searchers–The Accumulated Wisdom of 23 of the World?s Top Online Searchers

Review: Security Studies for the 21st Century

Review: Sharing the Secrets–Open Source Intelligence and the War on Drugs

Review: The Clustered World –How We Live, What We Buy, and What It All Means About Who We Are

Review: The Five Front War–The Better Way to Fight Global Jihad

Review: The Rise and Decline of the State

Review: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Review: Theory, risk assessment, and internal war–A framework for the observation of revolutionary potential

Review: Thinking in Time–The Uses of History for Decision-Makers

Review: Very Special Intelligence

Strategic Thinking

2006 THE SMART NATION ACT: Public Intelligence in the Public Interest

2008 Open Source Intelligence (Operational)

2008 Open Source Intelligence (Strategic)

Review: A New Kind of Science

Review: Ambient Findability–What We Find Changes Who We Become (Paperback)

Review: Analyzing Intelligence: Origins, Obstacles, and Innovations

Review: Building a Knowledge-Driven Organization

Review: Consilience–the Unity of Knowledge

Review: Information Space

Review: On Intelligence–Spies and Secrecy in an Open World

Review: Strategic Intelligence & Statecraft–Selected Essays (Brassey’s Intelligence and National Security Library)

Review: Strategic intelligence for American world policy (Unknown Binding)

Review: War and Anti-War–Making Sense of Today’s Global Chaos

Review: Who Owns Information?–From Privacy To Public Access

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