Worth a Look: Books Reviews on Education for Freedom & Innovation

00 Remixed Review Lists, Worth A Look

Education for Freedom & Innovation

Review: Digital Natives & Digital Immigrants

Review: Disrupting Class–How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns

Review: Don’t Bother Me Mom–I’m Learning!

Review: Edutopia–Success Stories for Learning in the Digital Age

Review: Escaping the Matrix–How We the People can change the world

Review: Knowledge and the Wealth Of Nations–A Story of Economic Discovery [ILLUSTRATED] (Hardcover)

Review: Made to Stick–Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Review: Momentum–Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age

Review: Pedagogy of Freedom–Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage

Review: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Review: Serious Games–Games That Educate, Train, and Inform

Review: Teaching to Transgress–Education as the Practice of Freedom

Review: The Best of 2600–A Hacker Odyssey

Review: The Change Handbook–The Definitive Resource on Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems

Review: The Five Faces of Genius

Review: The Uses of the University: Fifth Edition

Review: The Web of Knowledge–A Festschrift in Honor of Eugene Garfield

Review: The Work of the University

Review: Universities in the Marketplace–The Commercialization of Higher Education

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