Review: Talking Politics with God and the Devil in Washington, D.C.

4 Star, Religion & Politics of Religion

God PoliticsReasonable Outrage, Glib Delivery, Core Righteousness, May 30, 2009

John Stanton

4.0 out of 5 stars Reasonable Outrage, Glib Delivery, Core Righteousness, May 30, 2009

I may have picked this up in an airport. I was inclined toward three or four stars but brought it back to five after a quick reread from over a year ago. It is a brief book, very [Herbert] Marcusian in its tone, I credit the author with courage and insight. See other recommended books and my summary reviews for context that elevates this author's contribution.

Quote from page 37:

“The fact that 21st Century Americans are little more than laborers, captives, and like all prisoners throughout recorded history, are fearful, afraid to challenge the system in any serious way, axiously waiting on the next meal and a decent night's sleep before the alarm signals another wretched day in the hive. The routine is safe and predictable but results in a form of imprisonment for the vast majority of Americans.”

Quote from page 44:

“When votes do not matter, when draconian laws and regulations weigh on people, when employment is uncertaqin, and there is no longer any outlet for expression, frustration and anger set in. That leads to violence.”

Although I have a note to myself quibbling with his sometimes qustionable “facts,” on balance, the book hits the mark–as the famous Dagwood and Blondie cartoon goes, “who cares about the facts as long as you get the story right…”

The author joins others with his own condemnation of the “collusive duopology” (the Republican-Democratic crime family owned by Wall Street that shuts out all others) and labels this a near-totalitarian ruling system with a two-tiered system of education and health, one for the haves, one for the have-nots. I agree. We have failed the public in part because the public has failed to live up to its sovereign responsibilities and allowed the govenrment at all levels to become fraudulent, wasteful, and abusive.

In that vein, the author recommends and points out that the Pentagon has struck out:

1. Logistics

2. Information Technology

3. Business/Contracting ($2.3 trillion unaccounted for).

He offers radical solutions (as Howard Zinn teaches us, a liberal still thinks government is part of the solution, a radical knows government is the problem) including a call for the development of a new party; a boycott of all corporations violating their pension obligations, and the nationalization of the US defense industry (to which I would add health as well as local education and the prison-slave industry).

The tone is sarcastic throughout and will alienate many (as I do), but truth is its own reward, and there I stand with the author. He's on point.

On balance the best I can do to praise this author is point to other serious books that support his views. I am now a radical. Government as it exists today must be abolished or radically restructured. Obama is a captive, issuing policies so similar to Bush's that even the dullest Democratic voter must now see that “the mafia” is in charge and the public interest has no play in Washington, D.C.

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