Review DVD: Humanity Ascending Series Part 1: OUR STORY featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard

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DVD ConsciousnessCommon Sense and Clear Vision at its Very Best, June 4, 2009

Barbara Marx Hubbard

I met Barbara Marx Hubbard recently, and after reading and reviewing her book Conscious Evolution: Awakening Our Social Potential bouight everything else she has done and am working my way through it.

This DVD is truly great in multiple ways, including the imagery provided as the changing backdrop for the speaker, her own presentation, and the selection of very short clips interspersed throughout. This is not a very long DVD, but it is priceless and *very* easy to watch. Certainly something to share with friends before or after a dinner.

Three key points that stayed with me:

1) Women are coming into the own again. The top down patriarchal control model is not working. The matriarchal nurturing and circle mode is needed. Many do not know that in the beginning of human society we mere matriarchal because birth was a miracle and the blood connection from mother to child was indisputable.

2) The psycho-social development of individuals is vastly outpacing the much slower “organizational” societal evolution, and this gives rise to both conflict and alternative solutions that are still on the fringes.

3) Our values and minds have not evolved fast enough to control and contain the weapons and other capabilities we have been building, and this is a major threat. Today, some years after this was made, we face super-empowered individual with off-the-shelf access to nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction including explosives and poisons that can be manufactured at home.

The speaker was the “alternative” vice presidential candidate to Geraldine Ferraro at the Democratic Convention in 1984, and that in itself is a remarkable contrast: Ferraro was the “man's woman” seeking to compete on male terms; Hubbard was the woman's woman, seeking to compete on alternative terms.

All fascinating. I hope millions more hear her message, there is not a single negative note, all positive, all common sense, all vital.

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