Review: Patriotic Grace–What It Is and Why We Need It Now

3 Star, Democracy, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution

Patriotic Grace5 for elegance and good intent, 2 for being blind to reality, a strong 3 overall, November 17, 2008

Peggy Noonan

I would have gone with a weak four if the book had more substance to it, but ultimately this is a “quickie” book with good intentions and elegant turns of phrase, and I certainly recommend that it be bought and read.

I am estranged moderate Republican utterly livid over the manner in which the “bi-partisan” spoils system allowed Bush-Cheney to destroy America while both Congress and the White House subverted the Constitution.

Hence, when Noonon calls for “bi-partisan” collaboration in the middle of the book, I must immediately put her in the same class as lawyers for organized crime leaders. Democracy in America has been destroyed. The League of Women Voters was pushed out of the debate business so that the Republican-Democratic debate commission could exclude Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinny, Gloria La Riva, and the ever so arrogant and hence irrelevant Bob Barr. We are NOT one nation, we are NOT one people, and there is nothing wrong with America that Electoral Reform will not fix. A third of the country's voters have been illegally gerrymandered out of their vote, and another third have been disincentivized by the idiocy of our campaigns.

Here Noonan earns a solid three and moves almost to a weak four when she castigates both Obama and McCain for failing to discuss any serious issues, and especially her pet rock, the electrical grid. While she is right on both counts, this is as substantive as the book gets, everything else is pabulum about bi-partisan singing kumbawah while in fact bi-partisanship is treason–Congress is broken in every possible way at the same time that the Executive is organized for incoherenceand the ONLY thing that will fix (and preserve) the United STATES of America is Electoral Reform–I am providing the text in easy to read format in the first comment below, most from Ralph Nader as refined by me.

To end on a positive note, this book is a cross between Ralph Nader's The Seventeen Traditions and Imagine: What America Could be in the 21st century while completely avoiding the reality depicted in Greg Palast's The Best Democracy Money Can Buy or Senator Tom Coburn's Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders Into Insiders.

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