Journal: Ralph Peters, Hillary Clinton, & the U.S. Navy

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Sometimes reality and fantasy collide in extraordinary ways.  Below are four headlines and teaser editorial comments, click on the headlines to read the details, but the details do not really matter, here is the lunacy all together in one pot.

The Wrong War

1.  Ralph Peters gets it right on Afghanistan.  We've all known for years that Karzai was heavy into personal use of hashish and that his brother was the top drug lord in the region on the poppy supply side (Musharref in Pakistan on the processing side creating #4 Heroin), that Afghanistan has absolutely nothing to do with the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), but what the hell, anything for the White House, never mind the cost in blood, treasure, spirit, or for that matter, integrity.

The Hillary Doctrine from the Wall Street Journal

2.  Hillary Clinton gets it wrong on policy.  Hillary Clinton is a wickedly smart, driven executive who lacks a deep staff, a strategic analytic model, or any focus on outcomes.  To appreciate Madeline Albright's immortal phrase, Hillary Clinton is a gerbil on a wheel in a classy outfit.

Footprint of the Future:  Offshore Seabases

3.  The U.S. Navy is so far removed from reality as to be a fantasy all by itself.  This is a Navy that cannot design, order, build, or field a ship any more; a Navy that is spending almost all of its talent trying desperately to justify more “Irregular”  uses for the five-foot tube that comes with the very expensive and no longer needed SSGN (Submarine Guided Missile Nuclear).  Now they come up with a replacement delusion for the Arsenal Ship, the floating base where all their ships hold hands and move in nine different directions at once (each, separarely from the others).

Prairie-Fire Anger: Why Are People in Revolt? Duh. We nailed it in ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig. There is neither substance nor ethical loyalty to the Constittution, the Republic, or We the People in this Administration.  There was not under Bush-Cheney either, but now We the People are awake and realizing the two-party tyranny is in the service of those who receive the taxpayer revenue, not those who profer it. This author evaluates the situation today, these are his own sub-titles: Bait-and-Switch; Those Who Receive and Those Who Dole Out; Batille Day–All the Days; Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

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