Journal: Starting this year, Americans will have to get government approval to travel by air….

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Starting this year, Americans will have to get government approval to travel by air. As Privacy Journal revealed last fall, henceforth “Permission Now Needed to Travel Within U.S.” Getting a reservation and checking-in for air travel will soon require Transportation Security Administration authorization. That permission is by no means assured: For example, if your name matches a “no-fly” list, even mistakenly, you can be denied the right to a reserve a seat on a flight. If your name is on a “selectee” list, you and your possessions will be searched more thoroughly before you can board. What is going on here?

Phi Beta Iota Editorial Comment: The USA still does not have a reliable watch list.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was recently slapped down hard for abusing its searches–intended to be focused only on airline safety–to carry out the equivalent of unreasonable search and seizure.  The US Government is not capable of creating an effective “no fly” list for the simple reason that it lacks integrity at every level across every function (integrity in the sense of accuracy, reliability, etcetera–good people trapped in a bad system).  This is precisely the same kind of idiocy that we experienced under the Bush-Cheney Administration, where a boat or airplane could be confiscated without recourse if charts of Cuban water or airspace were found aboard.  The government “presumed” an intent to violate the embargo on Cuba.  This is the same government that had over 900 FBI cases on embargo violations and only 90 FBI cases on domestic terrorism.  Draw your own conclusion on where we are headed….

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