References: Frog Loves FAS & CRS

Congressional Research Service

We have always held the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), and its prime mover Steve Aftergood, in the highest esteem.  As we have been building this new site for the public, we have noticed others stealing from FAS and relabeling materials downloaded from FAS as their own.  This is unethical and disqualifies any site so doing from being considered a public service.

Our policy is to always link to persistent URLs offered by others.  We only create safety copies when there is a high probability the existing URL will not be persistent.  Below is a Valentine from Frog to FAS (and to CRS, which may one day grow up to be a public service, not just a shallow pond for Members to dip their toes into diluted substance).  Frog links to the FAS CRS master page.

Frog Loves FAS-CRS
Frog Loves FAS-CRS

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