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Original Source Online
Original Source Online

+++++++Phi Beta Iota Editorial Comment+++++++

We’ve seen quite a few stupid, abusive policemen–generally in Third World countries, struggling to make a living, treating corruption as a form of life insurance.  What we have not seen ourselves in Virginia, is stupid, abusive police chiefs and ignorant abusive “undercover” officers who go after citizens whose only crime is being “alert” and sharing information with others about operations so badly managed they are too obvious to laugh about….kind of like CIA running operations out of official installations with kids throwing money around and no real ability to do anything other than take scraps off the foreign liaison table.  Or truly naked, really drunken police sliding down banisters greased with beer in a Washington, D.C. hotel, where local police refused to enforce the law against their visiting brethren.

Editor“JZ” Jason Liszkiewicz surfaced this story and Editor Robert Steele decided to go with it.  Both are law abiding citizens and the latter has given at least 5 of his 9 lives for his country.

What we have here is a combination of police out of touch with reality and unable to adapt; and police out of control and forgetful of the nature of a Republic.  We are reminded of the lesser ignorance of police forgetting (or maybe never learning) that Virginia is an Open Carry state, and that the sovereign citizens have the right to bear arms–or police in the aftermath of Katrina disarming law-abiding, legally armed citizens, in the chaos and crime-laden aftermath because the police were ignorant of the actual law.

JADE is the name of the task force, the name of the blog about them, and a precious stone none of these police have probably ever seen or touched.  Somewhere in here there is a deep lesson to be learned about what happens when those authorized to uphold the law abuse the law themselves.  Sort of like CIA lying to Congress to cover up rendition, torture, and other stupid, abusive practices.

At some point, when operations by law enforcement or national security minions become so inept as to be easily mocked online or amongst the people, it is very important for those doing the operations to ask themselves some simple questions:

1.  Is this operation really necessary?

2.  If necessary, are we doing our undercover operations professionally, or simply living immunity rather than cover, authority rather than effectiveness?

3.  What can we learn from JADE (the blogger) to improve JADE (the operation)?

Ron Paul says our government is broken.  We agree.  Top to bottom (news flash for naked police chiefs, by bottom we mean you, your bare bottoms exposed to the public) our government has lost touch with reality, with clarity, with integrity, with sustainability.  Stupid, abusive law enforcement is unsustainable because it lacks integrity.  Think about it.

Follow the Frog to the video.

Naked Police--the Video
Naked Police--the Video

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