CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 17 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA:  New tape from al-Qaeda leader bin Laden released 09/14/09

AE: TALON Laser-Guided Rocket Team completes first guided test flights 09/14/09

AE: UAE confession was ‘under duress’ 09/14/09

AF:  Afghanistan’s Other Front 09/16/09

AF:  Al Qaeda calls for foreign civilian kidnappings in Afghanistan 09/16/09

EG: Egypt Defends Killing of Migrants Trying to Cross Into Israel 09/15/09

IQ:  Baghdad Green Zone attacked during Biden visit 09/15/09

IR: Iran opposition leaders to attend anti-Israel rally 09/16/09

KG: Kyrgyzstan: Headquarters of the Frontier Service Will Move South 09/17/09

OM: Oman urged to loosen media control 09/17/09

TJ: Islamic Party Leader In Tajikistan Says He Supports Secular System 09/15/09

UZ: “Uzbek militants are becoming very active in Waziristan” – Senator … 09/16/09

YE: Yemen Considers Saudi Routes to Deliver Aid for Displaced in North 09/12/09



AA: Female suicide bomber strikes Chechen capital 09/16/09

AF:  Afghan clashes kill 27 Taliban 09/15/09

AF: Afghanistan blast kills at least 16 09/17/09

AF:  Violence Escalates In Afghanistan, as US, NATO Forces Push Further Against Insurgents 09/14/09

IQ:  Official: Al-Qaida cannot sustain new attacks 09/13/09

PS:  Qaeda ally in Gaza defiant, seeing new recruits 09/16/09

YE: Tearing Yemen apart 09/14/09

YE: Yemen rebels, government issue contradictory claims of battlefield … 09/17/09

YE: US fears al-Qaeda jihadis could grow stronger off back of Yemen war 09/16/09

Special Operations

AA:  China Trains Afghans and Iraqis in Mine Clearing 09/16/09

AA:  Multinational Force Keeps Pirates at Bay 09/14/09

KZ: Corruption in Kazakhstan’s Airmobile Forces 09/15/09

KZ: US-British-Kazakh Military Exercises Begin In Kazakhstan 09/14/09

PK: Two al Qaeda leaders reported killed in North Waziristan strike 09/16/09

Security Forces

AA: Ex-Soviet states to set up 3 joint regional air defense networks 09/16/09

AF:  Call for an Afghan Surge 09/16/09

EG: Egypt discovers 10 smuggling tunnels across the borders 09/14/09

KG: Kyrgyzstan announces autumn active duty call-up 09/15/09

PK:  Pakistani Army captures wanted Swat Taliban military commander 09/16/09

PS:  Israel arrests local Hamas leader in West Bank 09/15/09

YE:  Yemen launches fresh assault on Shiite rebels 09/10/09

YE: Yemeni Coast Guard Forces Seized a Pakistani Boat Carrying a Large Quantity of Drugs 09/17/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Haneya urges Egypt to push Abbas to agree on reconciliation 09/16/09

AA: Iraqis tell Syria: Enough is enough 09/15/09

AA:  Obama: No plans for additional troop increase in Afghanistan 09/16/09

AA:  Syria, Iraq Agree to Reduce Tensions, Hold Security Meetings 09/10/09

LB:  Lebanon Set to Renominate Hariri For PM Job 09/15/09


LB:  Billion-Dollar Pyramid Scheme Rivets Lebanon 09/15/09

LB:  Lebanon convicts 5 for armed attacks 09/15/09

SA: Jeddah heroin smuggling case: ‘Extradition treaty exists between … 09/17/09

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