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In keeping with our new-found commitment to focus on public intelligence and leave political reform to others, this commentary provides an overview  of the political scene (including political commentary from journalists lacking any independence), and concludes that what is missing from our national dialog are integrity and public intelligence.

First, the political “terrain” of ideological conviction, borrowing from Michael Crane with permission.

Death of the Center
Death of the Center

As best we can tell, there is not a single think tank free of ideological conviction andall are also lacking in full access to all relevant sources of information, to serious processing power, and to multi-cultural analytics.

The two-party tyranny is “running on empty” and  has effectively destroyed the center, where ideas should meet, and also greatly extended the chasm between those in power (the power of the purse and the day to day operations of government) and those with knowledge (generally in the private sector, generally not being listened to by the so-called “intelligence community” that thrives on expensive secrets at the public's expense (double-entendre).

Put in stark individual terms, the candidates are all over the lot and everywhere EXCEPT in the center.  Even Libertarians, Greens, and Reforms are generally far from the center and unwilling to engage.  The Libertarians tend to have one goal only: destroy the state.  When they talk of Austrian “scaracity economics” that islip service–they cannot answer the simple question “Why don't you link up with the Greens and their convictions about Ecological Economics, Natural Capitalism, and True Cost Economics?

Everywhere but Center
Everywhere but Center

Here are the candidates from the recent Presidential cycle shown, with a tip of the hat to On the Issues, in relation to their position on the ideological chart.  Their position is one of conviction, uninformed by public intelligence.

The lone individual at the bottom center is Robert Steele, pissed-off populist seeking to use public intelligence to draw men and women of good will back into the center to restore the Republic and the Constitution as well as a government that is Whole and also Of, By, and For We the People.

Second, Dumber, Blunder, & Plunder

Now, once an election is held, where in the face of the two-party tyranny Independents and all others are blocked from full and open participation–we are no better than Afghanistan in this regard–the “winner take all” system takes effect, and the winner becomes a looter, plain and simple, in full collaboration iwth Wall Street as represented by lobbyists who are shaken down by Senators and Representatives (we stand corrected–while Wall Street has bribed Congress, it is Congress that has demanded the bribes and sold its integrity).  This is what the U.S. national budget looks like in actual practice:

Terrorism, Empire, and Corruption
Terrorism, Empire, and Corruption

It is the U.S. Government, “in our name,” that is terrorizing much of the world through its consistent support for 42 of the 44 dictators that do torture and rendition on our behalf (this continues under the current Empire as Usual Administration), and it is the U.S. Government that is the enabler of Israel's genocide and other atrocities against the Palestinian people.  As Gandhi said, “Palestine is to the Palestinians as France is to the French.”  The Israeli's have adopted terror as a weapon, at our expense, and do not hesitate to murder our own U.S. citizens as they did with the U.S.S. Liberty.  Our government covered that up, and the U.S. taxpayer continues to subsidize Israel's terrorist regime (not to be confused with good-hearted Jews who are not secretly supporting Mossad in the USA) to the tune of 20% of the total Israeli government budget.

Third, The Zionist Factor

One explanation for this insanity is the number of Zionists who are dual-citizens of both the USA and Israel and in positions of enormous power.  When combined with the Jews who choose to betray their adopted country and serve as sayonim, secretly aiding Mossad, and elected members such as “this conversation did not happen” Jane Harman, we have a festering cancer at the heart of the Republic.  To be fair, the corruption associated with Israel is less than 20% of our total problem.  All of the rest is home grown, and Harvest of Rage as well as Rage of the Random Actor are the tip of the iceberg in terms of long overdue public outrage over the assorted betrayal of the public trust that have been INSTITUTIONALIZED.

Fourth: Class War and Corruption of Congress

No Difference
No Difference

The heart of America's problem is the two-party tyranny and the class war that they represent on behalf of predatory capitalism run amok.  Recent allegation of “racism” against our President, whose white half is now dominant, the black half was left on the floor when he abandoned Reverend Wright, are idiocy, plain and simple.

There is NO DIFFERENCE between the Administrations of Bush-Cheney and Obama-Biden, and what we have learned in the past year is that the 25 impeachable offenses and 935 lies that will define Cheney to his death are chump change compared with the trillions of dollars that Goldman Sachs has helped steal from the U.S. Treasury on behalf of its Wall Street cabal.

The public is being SCREWED, as Thom Hartmann entitled one of his many excellent books, and the reason the public is being screwed is because data pathologies and information asymmetries have allowed “Rule by Secrecy,” “Weapons of Mass Deception” and (not shown below) “Weapons of Mass Instruction” and so on as illustrated below.

Fourth, Data Pathologies and Rule by Secrecy

Integirty for Intelligence
Integirty for Intelligence

Today the public is stirring.  Over 40% of the eligible voters are now declared Independents.  Note: only 56.4% of whom voted–this Administration was elected by 30% of the eligible voters and is ignoring everyone else.

What the public lacks is public intelligence. The Paradigms of Failure are self-reinforcing.  Failed Government and Failed Corporations nurture Failed Schools and Failed Media.  The USA has become a Third World country DESPITE its enormous wealth in every dimension less scarce minerals precisely because the public is accepting the two-party tyranny that excludes other voices from being heard; and the public, to the extent they even listen to the two-party tyranny, is allowing ideological dogma and fantasy to be offered up in place of substance, facts, documented findings, and serious comparative options.  We now have what some call “junk politics,” and this is so very bad that the CEO of World Wide Wresting has decided to run for the Senate in Connecticutt–she is concluding, quite reasonably, that in the current political environment, her flair for illusions and drama will easily defeat Senator Chris Dodd, whose only gift was to ensure that the Wall Street bail-out explicitly allow outrageous bonuses for all those failed bankers who “exploded the client” as Michael Lewis wrote in the 1980's.

Needed: Four Reforms (Electoral, Intelligence, Governance, National Security)

Four reforms are recommended to the public for its consideration.  Only a bottom-up Epoch B groundswell from smart mobs, an army of Davids, here comes everybody, will lead to such reforms, for they overturn decades of corruption within the political and bureaucratic corridors of power.

Four Reforms for Consideration by the Public
Four Reforms for Public Consideration

Public Intelligence in the Public Interest

Where do we go from here?  Public intelligence in the public interest should be helpful.  The public should determine where we go from here.  Earth Intelligence Network, and this web site, seek to serve the public.  Invitations to speak are welcomed, and we provide free counseling and training on how to use open sources and methods to create public intelligence (decision support).

Our Motto is E Veritate Potens, translated in the vancular, From Truth, We the People Are Made Powerful.

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