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Below is a simple illsutration of what a proper national health policy should address.

Health Policy Fundamentals
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Below is a simplified question and four-point answer that any serious person should be able to comprehend.

31.  Name at least three long-term objectives of your Health Policy.

01  A Nation’s best defense is an educated and healthy public.  We will incentivize healthy delicious food and heavily tax unhealthy food.

02  Employers and transport companies will be required to assure clean air free of toxins or harmful bacteria.

03 Public health will be free and of high quality, equivalent to public safety and education (the latter will be doubled in quality).

04 Natural and alternative cures will pre-empt medication & surgery wherever possible.

The sad reality is that America, a great and complicated nation, has a government that appears to be out of control and out of touch with reality.  The government does not have a national strategic decision-support capability, and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) not only gave up the “M” decades ago, but appears to lack gravitas now.  The President, put in the starkest terms–is not receiving the policy and budget intelligence he needs to be effective, and neither are his Cabinet officials, White House staff, of the Congressional jurisdictions.

EIN Press Release 007C of 17 September 2009 via BUSINESSWIRE

Frog Left leads to the 52 Questions & Answers that were distributed in Iowa and given to Barack Obama directly.

From Right leads to the chapter on “The Substance of Governance” as included in ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig.

52 Questions & Answers
52 Questions & Answers
The Substance of Governance
The Substance of Governance

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