Journal: CIA Ramps Up In Afghanistan While Public Intelligence About Empire as Usual Hard to Find

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Secret vs. Public Intelligence
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CIA expanding presence in Afghanistan: report

AFP  Sat Sep 19

. . . . . . . .The Central Intelligence Agency is deploying teams of spies, analysts and paramilitary operatives on top of the nearly 700 employees it already has in the war-torn country in parallel with a military expansion that will see 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan by year’s end.  . . . . . . . The incoming spies are receiving a broad range of assignments, including working in tandem with special forces units hunting high-value targets, tracking public sentiment in regions seen as shifting support toward the Taliban and gathering intelligence on corruption in the Afghan government, the Times said.

Phi Beta Iota: CIA is doing what it is being asked to do, which it is terriby unqualified to do, and will therefore do it badly at great expense with zero tangible beneficial outcome in anything under 3-5 years.  Meanwhile, public intelligence about Empire as Usual under Obama-Biden is hard to find, what one author calls Fog Facts–known but not integrated into human consciousness.  The contrast between our government spending like a drunken sailor on the wrong things, and the lack of a Public Intelligence Agency able to inform the public so the public can decide if what is being done “in our name” is appropriate, is palpable.  Intelligence for Populism is a book that may need to be written, in the interim see The New Craft of Intelligence: Personal, Public, & Political.

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