Journal: Drones versus Pioneers–Defining the Finish Line

04 Education, Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence

A foolish article about a foolish survey about a foolish educational system captures all that is wrong with America today.  The best and the brightest become hackers and self-directed pioneers (Richard Stahlman is the most righteous, Bill Gates the most obvious).  The “well-behaved” are the ones that cross “the finish line” because they do not question authority and they actually believe that 18-25 years of rote education and extended childhood is good for them.

Those of us that “survive” the system to the point of earning multiple graduate degrees have more difficulty achieving innovation than is necessary–as one pioneer described it, innovation is peseverence against sequential denial.   We need to re-invent intelligence, and that includes its two book-ends, education, and research.  Compare below:

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