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We are absolutely persuaded that 9-11 was allowed to happen by Dick Cheney, and that Larry Silverstein knew in advance and took advantage of the event to solve his asbestos problem by murdering 3,000 citizens with controlled demolitions.  Rudy Gulliani, the insurance exceutives in on the fraud, and a handful of others who benefited from removing high value items in advance as well as the destruction of the files for on-going SEC investigations, all of this a Wall Street wet dream.

Here are several YouTube videos that we consider absolutely compelling.   From Truth, We the People are Made Powerful (E Veritate Potens).   We now know that the government lied to us about the Kennedy and King assasinations, about the Tonkin Gulf attacks, about the Israeli murderous attack on the USS Liberty, and many other things of great import.  It is time We the People restored the Republic, honest government, and a respect for the Truth.

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