Journal: Obama Fires the One Authentic Person on His Team

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Van Jones
Van Jones

Van Jones is authentic.  He was fired as a convenience by the white-half of Barack Obama, the half that is slicker than goose shit on a hot day.  The black half of Obama, the authentic half that “would no more renounce Reverend Wright than my own mother,” that half has been bought off and silenced.

Click on the photograph to read Van Jones' Wikipedia page with many links to his substantive accomplishments.

Why was he fired?  Because he was a convenient sacrificial lamb to Fox News and their ilk, making much ado about Van Jones' earlier signing of a 9-11 Truth Movement call for proper investigation.  Were Barack Obama actually interested in the public interest and doing the right thing, he would have  recognized the legitimate evidence-based demands of the growing public (and the families that refused the government buy-out conditional on silence) for a proper 9-11 investigation.

This is really quite simple.  Barack Obama was elected by 30% of the eligible voters in America, and the decisive factor was the Wall Street money, $300 million of $750 million still not accounted for.  Barack Obama is Dick Cheney and Joe Biden is George Bush.  The White House is THEATER, nothing more.

We salute Van Jones, and we pray that he now recognizes the chimera in the White House, and the reality that is We the People.  America is stirring, and both Wall Street and the two-party tyranny are eventually going to be put back where they belong–in the tar-pit of history with the other mammoths.

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