Worth a Look: 129 Public Benefit Research and Public Policy Institutions, With No Information-Sharing or Aggregate Sense-Making, i.e. All Noise No Signal

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129 Think Tanks
129 Think Tanks

Charity Navigator has been on our list of Righteous Sites from the beginning.  Today we want to highlight their listing and ratings of 129 “think tanks” or Research and Public Policy Institutes ostensibly committed to the Public Benefit.

Of course we all know that most of these are driven by either ideology or corporate funding to achieve pre-conceived ends, but that does not lessen their value.  What lessens the value of the whole is that there is no public intelligence capability for aggreagating all that these “think tanks” produce, so that citizens can “make sense” out of the aggregate, have an appreciative inquiry and deliberative dialog, and then reach a sustainable (i.e. affordable) consensus on the entire spectrum of issues affectiing the public.

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