Worth a Look: Real-Time Intelligence (RTI)

Worth A Look

Although trademarked by some we ignore that since “real time intelligence” has been a term of art for over a decade.  Still, the gradual emergence of tools, tactics, and technigues for Real Time Intelligence (RTI) and Near Real Time Intelligence (NRTI) are starting to gain traction.

Much of what is called RTI or NRTI is not intelligence at all, merely real-time information, and the bridge has not been made to decision-support.  There are analytic packages and analytic algorithyms in the mix, but stove-piping still rules.

Real Time Intelligence is not yet sufficiently developed to offer book-length overviews and solutions, with one exceptions.  It is at least five years if not more away from being able to connect all four information-intelligence quadrants (see Graphic on Four Quadrants of Knowledge).  All the existing systems fall short with respect to accessing external information; identifying and preserving heuristics that should become organizational intelligence; and in offering true cost, time-energy, and cultural-historical comparative decision options.

One helpful overview is provided in full at the Special Librarian Association website, click on the Graphic below for the full story.

Full Source Online
Full Source Online
Custom Information Portals &Real-Time Intelligence

Information Outlook, Vol. 5, No. 7, July 2001

Michael Gallagher

A new Knowledge Age is emerging. In this era, Application Service Providers (ASPs) are building information portals that deliver specialized, relevant data in real time.

  • Custom Information Portals
  • The Polarization of Solutions
    • Premium Solutions
    • Public Solutions
  • Trend to Internet Based Delivery
  • Hosted Applications vs. Software Solutions
  • Distributed vs. Centralized Content
  • Content Integration vs. Content Aggregation
  • Making Sense vs. Making Lists
  • Real Time vs. Old Time
  • Issues and Concerns in Portals and Intelligence Solutions
  • Interface Standardization across Heterogeneous Content Sources
  • Content Management ­ Indexing and Storage
  • Authentication and Permission
  • Information Currency and Alerting
  • Customization vs. Personalization
    • Customization and Personalization
    • Customization
    • Personalization
  • Personalization Requirements
    • Selectable Data Sources
    • Flexible Filters
    • Flexible Interface
  • Options and Solutions
    • Software Solutions
    • Service Solutions
  • Final Thoughts

Finding the right intelligence solution for an individual company comes down to one thing ­ what is the cost associated with not having the right information in the right hands at the right time?

Blog Tag Real-Time
Blog Tag Real-Time

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Big Data and Real-time Structured Data Analytics

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Full Story Online

Taking API revolution forward

Sunday, Aug 30, 2009

Deepa Kurup

Begin Extract from Hindu

However, services that provide APIs today walk a one-way street — that is, while a user can publish his blog on FB, the converse is not possible.

“This has to change to take this success story forward,” says Kishore Bhargava, president of the Indian Linux Users Group, Delhi. “Though API is very much part of the Open Source philosophy, today APIs only enhance the product as envisioned by the developer. Why, for example, can I not use the same service and share data seamlessly across my phone, laptop and PDAs,” he asks.

The next big step is to look at open standards, so that portability of data between hardware and websites or services is possible.

Even as more APIs are opened up — to the benefit of users, developers, and portal owners — seamless data portability continues to be an issue.

End Extract from Hindu

Here are a few isolated studies and capabilities:

Gravic RTI (Internal)
Gravic RTI (Internal)

Gravic has a very nice ten-part overview on RTI in the context of business intelligence, which is data mining of internal data, not intelligence as we professionals understand it.

Here is their summary:

The speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real-time. The result is real-time business intelligence. Business transactions as they occur are fed to a real-time business intelligence system that maintains the current state of the enterprise. The RTBI system not only supports the classic strategic functions of data warehousing for deriving information and knowledge from past enterprise activity, but it also provides real-time tactical support to drive enterprise actions that react immediately to events as they occur. As such, it replaces both the classic data warehouse and the enterprise application integration (EAI) functions. Such event-driven processing is a basic tenet of real-time business intelligence.

The Shadowbase® repertoire of products provides ideal capabilities to integrate disparate operational application information into the RTBI system and to support the functions of real-time business intelligence. The Shadowbase replication engine is a high-speed, bidirectional, heterogeneous data-replication engine that moves data updates from enterprise systems to the RTBI system and back in fractions of a second. It also supports an active/active configuration for the RTBI system to achieve extreme availability.

With real-time business intelligence, an enterprise establishes long-term strategies to optimize its operations while at the same time reacting with intelligence to events as they occur. The Shadowbase suite of products provides the leverage to this technology with proven implementations.

RTI Drilling Application
RTI Drilling Application

Kongsberg Maritime splits its product offerings between real time data visualization and geospatial positioning system offerings, and we speculate that the day may come when they migrate this to a scalable multi-functional architecture that is geopositionally aware at all levels.

One consultancy CEO captures the possibilities for business process RTI as follows:

My vision is to help our clients build systems that truly allow RTIthem to gain a competitive advantage through the proper dissemination of Business Intelligence in a Real Time fashion. This vision has been enhanced significantly over the recent years as technology has finally caught up with business opportunity. The mobile world has been made available to us all through the growth in the handheld computing hardware, wireless network access points sprouting up everywhere (Starbucks, Malls, etc.), and the introduction of devices such as smart phones. The time has finally arrived to leverage the convergence of all of these technologies by connecting them to traditional database systems and networks to build a true information highway for our corporate users. The artful combination of these will finally reward the “bleeding edge” leaders with a leap in competitive advantage and position them to never look back at the inefficient methods of the past.

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