Journal: Petition for Peace Engineering

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Petition for Peace
Petition for Peace

The average American is now in motion.  The Independent movement has reached critical mass, and the public recognition that everything the government is doing lacks a strategic analytic rationale as well as–in many cases–a moral rationale, is gathering force.

The below message captured our attention.  Note the “social engineering” of the military-industrial complex that has labored for decades to connect jobs to war, patronage to war,  bribes to war, high crimes and midemeanors (betrayal of the public trust) to war.  The call for social engineering for peace is, in our view, a strong signal that public intelligence is now becoming more commonplace, but we make the observation that the “lag time” between Congressional and Executive high crimes and misdemeanors, and the public discovery, analytis, outrage, and action, is still too great.  Public intelligence is going to have to do something secret intelligence cannot do: develop global REAL-TIME and NEAR-REAL-TIME information-sharing and sense-making, and do this across all ten high-level threats and all twelve policies that must be harmonized across all boundaries.

Please do visit the petition site to learn more, and sign if you agree with the basic proposition, that we can do better for America, and better for the Whole Earth, by applying social engineering to making peace at home instead of war abroad.

Begin original email:


“Chalmers Johnson, Chuck Spinney and Bill Moyers have described the reality
of “social engineering” for military-related jobs in every Congressional
District. That's job patronage for war. We need social engineering for
peace, in health care, education and clean energy.”

Please sign this important petition. We must stimulate a peacetime economy
and get off of the massive war-time footing we have been on for far too
long. The world will be safer and more protected for all of us when we take
this constructive course of action.

Click the link to open the petition. I pasted in the language and sponsors
below for your convenience. But please click the link and sign.

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