EUCOM Week in Review Ending 30 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: A breakdown of Iran's missile arsenal 09/28/09

AA: Dialogue urged for Nagorno-Karabakh 09/29/09

AA: Obstacles on the path to world peace – Russia Now 09/28/09

AL: Topi says Albania aware of NATO responsibilities 09/25/09

CY: Cyprus Negotiators Running Out Of Time – Report 09/29/09‎

GR: Growing support for Greece's far-right maverick party – Feature 09/30/09

HR: Croatia's EU bid set to advance 09/28/09

IL: Israel's Final Warning to the World? 09/25/09

IL: UN Report Accuses Israel of War Crimes 09/29/09

TR: Turkey, Pakistan enjoy unique ties 09/30/09

UA: Why does Ukraine need constitutional reform? By Viktor Yushchenko … 09/25/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: UNIFIL commander: No war between Hezbollah and Israel 09/26/09

AM: OSCE monitoring in Tavush Marz… Six Armenians in Azerbaijani captivity 09/29/09

AZ: Armenian Armed Forces break ceasefire 09/30/09

IL: Israeli Airstrike Kills 3 Fighters in Gaza 09/25/09

IL: Violence between Palestinians, Israelis may spread 09/30/09

RU: Dagestan official shot in Moscow 09/28/09

RU: Four Die in Shoot-Out as Russia Faces Jihadist Threat 09/25/09

UK:  British intelligence believes Iran has resumed work on nuclear warhead 09/30/09

Special Operations

AA: Ten Years of Anti-NATO Exercises by Russian and Belarusian Armed … 09/29/09

AZ: Azerbaijan State Border Service carries out large-scale tactical … 09/25/09

BG: The USA Expects Efficiency from Bulgarian Special Units 09/29/09

LT: Troops of Lithuanian Special Operations Forces took part in an … 09/29/09

Security Forces

AA: Dangerous Missile Battle In Space Over Europe: 09/30/09

AA: Defense ministers stress more coordination outside EU 09/30/09

RU: Russia announces plans for extensive short-range missile network 09/29/09

TR: TUBITAK UEKAE Deploys Spectrum's SDR-4000 09/29/09

TR: Turkey Presses Ahead with its Attack Helicopter Project 09/29/09

TR: Turkey seeks to extend mandate to fight rebels in Iraq 09/29/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: At UN, Iran Denounces UAE, Serbia Mocks Albania, Congo War Forgotten 09/26/09

AA: Azeri-Romanian energy ties deepen 09/29/09

AA: Hamas, Fatah close in on reconciliation deal 09/29/09

AA: Romanian-Icelandic dialogue about liberalization of labour market … 09/25/09

AA: Eight more countries join battle to stop child soldiers 09/29/09

AL: Albania – Message of Congratulations for the Deputy Prime Minister … 09/25/09

BG: Bulgaria determined to combat crime, PM tells US, French and … 09/29/09

UA: Ukraine president: No Euro 2012 hotel on Holocaust massacre site 09/29/09


AA: Two Romanians to Face Phishing Charges in US 09/29/09

AZ: Azerbaijan's National Security Ministry and Prosecutor General's … 09/25/09

BA: Bosnia and Herzegovina: Fourteen years on women raped in war … 09/30/09

DE: Using Trojans and mules crooks snatch almost 300000 EUR in 22-days 09/30/09

IL: Israel's ex-PM goes on trial on corruption charges 09/25/09

NL: Karadzic appeals start date of war crimes trial 09/28/09

RS: Police probe Serb ties to helicopter heist 09/29/09

RS: Jurišić gets 12 years for Tuzla crime 09/28/09

RS: Serbia voices commitment to fighting organised crime 09/29/09

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