Journal: A Day in the Life of US Grunts in AF

Ethics, Government, Military, Threats

It will take more than technology to win war

Despite the army’s newest technology, one of their most valuable assets so far was an informant: a farmer with a taste for opium.

Seattle Times October 7, 2009 Pg. 1 Hal Bernton

In the farmlands and ancient villages of the Arghandab, an Army campaign launched this summer has been a slow, difficult grind, and insurgent forces continue to hold sway over large areas. Technology alone isn’t enough to win this fight

Phi Beta Iota: This piece moved us, and reminded us of the The Soldier’s Load.  Weight, Water, and “who’s got eyes on?”  Then we recall The Tunnels of Cu Chi and more recently, Phantom Soldier.  President Obama is caught between those he listens to, who want him to see AF in isolation, and those he does not listen to, who want him to address all ten high-level threats by harmonizing all twelve core policies within a balanced budget.  The US IC, which should be empowering the President, appears AWOL.

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