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Asean CIOs list biz intelligence top priority

By Liau Yun Qing, ZDNet Asia
Friday, October 23, 2009 03:07 PM

CIOs view leveraging analytics to gain a competitive advantage and improve business decision making as a top priority, according to an IBM study, which polled IT heads in Asia and across the globe.

Released Thursday, the study revealed that 87 percent of CIOs in Southeast Asian nations identified the ability to see patterns in vast amounts of data and extract insights, or business intelligence and analytics, as a crucial way to enhance their organizations' competitiveness. The survey polled 2,500 CIOs worldwide, 86 of whom were from Asean.

Phi Beta Iota:  “Biz Intel” is sophmoric–internal data mining and visualization.  See below for a proper holistic approach to Organizational Intelligence.

Holistic Commercial Intelligence
Holistic Commercial Intelligence

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