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New Documentary Challenges Gore's ‘Inconvenient Truth' on Global Warming

In 2007, a British High Court judge ruled that Al Gore's global warming film contained nine significant errors and should no longer be screened in schools unless accompanied by guidance notes to balance Gore's “one-sided” views.   …  Buoyed by the ruling, two Irish journalists — Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney — released a documentary in which they gather evidence outlining the damage of global warming hysteria. In “Not Evil Just Wrong,” they challenge the claims made in Gore's film and conclude that the film is not worth screening in schools because it is shown there as “an article of science, not faith.”   …   The film's “apocalyptic vision” was not an impartial analysis of climate change, High Court Judge Michael Burton said, adding that the film is “substantially founded up scientific research and fact” but that the errors were made in “the context of alarmism and exaggeration.”

Phi Beta Iota: Once in a while Fox News gets it right.  See two short videos within the full story.  Incidentally, this is now two strikes for the Nobel Peace Committee of politicians without a clue.  The second stirke, naturally, is the enormously silly award to President Barack Obama for his first ten days in office.

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