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Full Story Online

Newsday Columnist Quits Over Paywall, Wants To Be Read

One of the reasons why the NY Times eventually did away with its old “paywall” was that its big name columnists started complaining that fewer and fewer people were reading them.

The NY Times is reporting that Newsday columnist Saul Friedman quit and did so while publishing an open letter on why paywalls are a bad idea, while also telling the NY Times that he knew his column was popular with people outside of Newsday’s footprint, and he was upset that those people would not be able to read his column and that he wouldn’t be able to send out links to his columns.

Oh, one other thing? Mr. Friedman is 80 years old and worked for newspapers for over 50 years. In other words, he’s not just some “young kid who thinks everything online should be free” as we’re so often told is the real problem.

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