Journal: Impact Investing

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The idea that for-profit investment can have positive social and environmental impact has been talked about for some time, and is increasingly being put to practice. This phenomenon of Impact Investing has the potential to complement philanthropy and government in addressing to some of the planet's most deeply entrenched challenges, including climate change, agricultural productivity, shelter, and health, among others. By tapping the global capital markets, impact investing can unlock financial resources to address these challenges at a scale that government and philanthropy cannot match.

A few months ago, the newly-formed independent nonprofit called the Global Impact Investing Network (where Sarah works) became the institutional home for IRIS. The Global Impact Investing Network and all the IRIS partners believe that IRIS must be developed as a non-proprietary public good if it is to achieve widespread adoption and overall success.

Phi Beta Iota: This is a righteous  initiative in isolation.  It is not enough to measure impact investing results on the social and ecologicial bottom lines.  We must get to the EarthGame that tracks true costs and allows for all individuals and organizations to harmonize their budgets and behaviors on any given time, place, or issue.  Our concept of World Brain harmonization embraces impact investing, and gives it even greater meaning in the context of all other investments–individual, social, governmental, etcetera.

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