Reference: Study of Islamic Theology

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Study of Islamic Theology
Study of Islamic Theology

Marcus Aurelius Transmittal Comment and Phi Beta Iota Comment:

Is our military establishment penetrated by enemy elements duty bound to destroy us?  Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) opined on Fox News Sunday a few minutes ago that Major Hasan's small arms attack at Fort Hood constituted a terrorist act.  Retired Army officer and noted national security author/columnist Ralph Peters says the same thing in very blunt terms.  Yesterday's Wall Street Journal,  says that Muslim presence in active duty military ranks ranges from about 3400 to about 13,400

I invite your attention to the attached UNCLASSIFIED PowerPoint briefing, The Study of Islamic Theology.  It was prepared using Federal funds and has been presented to some pretty substantive people within the Federal counterterrorism community.  While it has been consciously sanitized to suppress sourcing, it carries no dissemination controls.  The principal point that I take from the brief is that Muslims are affirmatively REQUIRED, as an fundamental tenet of their faith, to wage Jihad against infidels or “Kaffirs.”  I invite your particular attention to the Verse of the Sword (Slide 9) and Sharia'h on Jihad (Slide 22), summarized below:

THE VERSE OF THE SWORD- Sura 9:5- Fight the pagans wherever you find
them, and seize them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of
war). (Slide 9)Sharia'h on Jihad
Jihad is defined in legal terms by Islamic fiqh as:  “Jihad is fighting
anybody who stands in the way of spreading Islam.  Or, fighting anyone
who refuses to enter into Islam (Slide 22)

Viewed slightly differently, the brief highlights the critical node of Islam as the “Law of Abrogation,” which says that later revelations supersede earlier revelations and, thus, mean that all the nice parts of Islam are theologically superseded by the Verse of the Sword and “Sharia'h on Jihad.>So, was Major Hasan's act at Fort Hood a terrorist act?  Is Major Hasan, by definition, an Islamic Jihadist, who waged Jihad on the Fort Hood Community using terrorist methods?  Is the U.S. military penetrated by 3400 to 13400 sworn enemies who are duty-bound to follow Major Hasan's example?I invite you to draw your own conclusions.<

Phi Beta Iota: This is ONE view, federally-funded and taken seriously, but it is an INCOMPLETE view.  A proper 360 appreciation would invite Indonesian, Malaysia, Pakistani, and Turkish views as well as Egyption, other Middle Eastern, and North African views.

Here is what we have said to another officer:

We have been talking for over a decade about religious counterintelligence (Opus Dei, Mormons, Israeli sayonim) and now I think we have a bigger problem–the issue of NON-ASSIMILATION of pupported citizens.

Couple of good books on this While Europe Slept and While America Sleeps.  What I found really cool in the attached was the IO emphasis–total focus is on the mind of the enemy.  See alsoReligion & Politics of Religion (71) and Terrorism & Jihad (37).

FYI, I consider the Cubans and the Israeli's to be the absolute top notch practitioners of SUBTLE IO. I think the Israeli's  have a full court press going on, and where we have failed is in doing our homework at the tribal level and at the heart level

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