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Hello!, Hola!, Bonjour!, 你好! (Nǐ Hǎo), Buongiorno!مرحبا (Marhaba), Здравствуйте! (PRIvet), Guten Tag!
안녕하세요 (An nyoung haseh yo),こんにちは (Konnichiwa), שלום

WiserTongues: Help WiserEarth become multilingual!

Why speaking English isn't enough

Did you know that 60% of the WiserEarth Community comes from outside the United States? This is great news as we always wanted WiserEarth to be a global resource for the nonprofit environment and social justice community. However, most of the hundreds of thousands of people coming to the site each month are from English-speaking countries. This means that we are not reaching out enough to the billions of non-English speakers who could use WiserEarth to help them in their nonprofit and sustainability-focused work.

We want to enable members of the worldwide community to use WiserEarth in their own language. Only by doing this can we help to grow the connections among our international community and support their work.

What can you do?

ChipIn Support local community managers

We currently have three local community coordinators in France, Mexico and Brazil (see their quotes below). More people are approaching to expand in other languages. Help us raise the funds needed to provide support for the local community coordinators and their teams of volunteers.

Be a part of our global fundraising for this crucial part of WiserEarth! We have set a goal of $10,000 before December 15, 2009. Donate using ChipIn! Volunteer on a translation team

There are currently four translations teams with a total of 40 volunteers. As you are reading this, the site is being translated into French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. We are hoping to translate WiserEarth into at least five other languages including Hindi, Chinese, Arabic and Indonesian as well as one indigenous language over the next 12 months.

Love to translate? Two hours per week of your time will make a big difference: contact camilla [at] wiserearth.org if you are interested.

Help us make WiserEarth a true global community! Please pass on this appeal to your friends and family.


Paul Hawken & Peggy Duvette
WiserEarth Founder & Director
Paul_Hawken_photo Peggy_Duvette_photo

From our coordinators:

Juan_photoJuan Carlos, WiserEarth Mexico/Spanish Regional Coordinator
“As the world grows smaller, the challenge of effective and multicultural communication, becomes more and more relevant to ensure a safe pathway towards a society living under the principles of cooperation, respect and justice; WiserEarth is key to meeting this challenge.” Theresa_photo

Theresa Williamson, WiserEarth Brazil/Portuguese Regional Coordinator
“The tools WiserEarth has developed for sharing content across civil society worldwide are powerful and in constant evolution. We are translating them with the specific aim of supporting Brazilian and Portuguese-language-civil society generally.”

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