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The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Lauren Kawam Issue date: 12/10/09 Section: News

He calls himself the “The ‘Real’ hope for America – not hype,” according to his MySpace page, and if the number of friends he has on there is any indication – nearly 200,000 – Ron Paul isn’t fading into the dust, at least not with the technologically savvy generations.

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“The very good thing that has happened here in the last two years is that government’s credibility is crashing,” Paul said. “There’s been way too much trust in the government. That has been our moral hazard over many, many centuries. Trust in the government that it’s here to help you, it’s here to protect you … they’re going to scare everybody to death to try to argue the reason why you have to have big government, and you really don’t. What we need is more faith, more confidence and a better understanding of what individual liberty is all about.”

Phi Beta Iota: This website is dedicated to the process of public intelligence, not to any specific outcome, policy, or person.  The Paradigms of Failure will not be corrected by the institutions that have failed–instead, a bottom-up resilient public must find itself and restore the integrity of the American Revolution and its ideals of equality, liberty, and morality.  The primary obstacle to national resilience is the deep desire of existing insittutions to perpetuate their “top down” command & control modalities instead of embracing the proven “bottom-up” protocols needed to create and sustain complex adaptive systems of systems.  The graphic below illustrates this conflict between the old and the new ways and means.

Epoch B Multinational Network Rising
Epoch B Multinational Network Rising

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