Journal: Weak Signals–Obama’s Czars

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence

WhistleBlower Magazine
WhistleBlower Magazine

Byrd Calls Obama's Czars Dangerous

Byrd: Gives President too much power….

Obama’s Czars Breed Chain-of-Command Confusion

Bloomberg: Placing them above Cabinet….

Glenn Beck's List of Obama's Czars

32 of them, most professional listing with most detail

Free Market Mojo Who are Obama’s czars?

27 of them, hot links from each name to more information

Politico's List of President Obama's ‘Czars'

29 of them, names and titles only, but also shows which few confirmed by Congress.

Below the Fold:  Really Angry Right-Wing Cartoon and Table

Obama Czar Blog
Obama Czar Blog

PDF Table: Obama's Czars and What They Really Want to Do

Phi Beta Iota: While the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) focus on “home-grown terrorists,” we suspect the political leadership is missing the brewing revolution among normal citizens.  On both the left and the right the extremist anger is growing.

The center is muddled–milling about are Independents (43% of the eligible voters according to Pew this summer), Libertarians, Greens, Naderites, and estranged moderate Republicans along with conservative Democrats.  A strong sense of betrayal is in the public mind.  Preconditions for extreme social instability are all present.  Lacking is a precipitant.

We are not certain the political leadership of the USA is quite as aware as it should be of the enormous instability and underlying anger that is growing daily not only among the 70% of the eligible voters that did not vote for Obama-Biden, but also among the 30% that did.  Absent a major “truth & reconciliation endeavor” by the two-party political elite, the USA may be approaching the equivalent of the French Revolution of 1789.

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