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U.S. Put Jails In Lithuania, Premier Says

MOSCOW — The prime minister of Lithuania, a former Soviet republic that broke from Moscow’s orbit and is now a member of NATO, accused the United States on Tuesday of using “Soviet methods” to set up two secret prisons in Lithuania for terrorism suspects.

Iran Comes Out On Top In Secret Simulated War Games

Iran has emerged as the victor in secret war games that simulated an Israeli attack on one of its nuclear facilities.   . . .  The exercise, staged by Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies last month, showed that even an Israeli commando raid on Iran’s heavy water plant at Arak would not draw the US into a military conflict with Iran.

Obama, tell me how this ends: Is Afghanistan just a new war of attrition?

Americans today haven't a clue when, where or how their war will end. The Long War, as the Pentagon aptly calls it, has no coherent narrative. When it comes to defining victory, U.S. political and military leaders are flying blind.

In Russia, Foreboding About America's War In Afghanistan

“It's especially difficult to remember those episodes that so many would like to leave behind,” said Vladimir Kostyuchenko, a helicopter pilot for three tours in Afghanistan who's now active with an Afghan veterans group in Russia. “These generals at the top, they had no sense of reality. They gave us murderous orders. I still bear a cross because I fulfilled those orders.”

Europe’s Revolving Door In Afghanistan

At the same time, there is an element of filling a cup with a hole in the bottom. The Netherlands will withdraw its 2,200 troops in the course of 2010; Canada, with 2,800, will be leaving by 2011. That means as American troop levels rise from 68,000 to 98,000 by next summer, allied troop levels are not likely to go much higher than the present 38,000.

Bin Laden's Closest Family Found Hiding in Iran

Usama bin Laden’s closest relatives are living in a secret compound in Iran, members of the family said Tuesday. They include a wife and children who disappeared from his Afghan camp at the time of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

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