Worth a Look: Nokia and Information Mapping

IO Mapping
Manuel Lima & Nokia
Manuel Lima & Nokia

After 3 years living, studying, working and teaching in NYC, Manuel moved to London where he currently works as a Senior User Experience Designer at Nokia's NextGen Software & Services. Manuel is also a frequent speaker in conferences and festivals around the world, on the topic of Information Visualization, in particular the visualization of complex networks.

Manuel Lima's Home Page
Manuel Lima's Home Page
Art (62)
Biology (50)
Business Networks (24)
Computer Systems (27)
Food Webs (7)
Internet (30)
Knowledge Networks (103)
Multi-Domain Representation (59)
Music (31)
Others (54)
Pattern Recognition (24)
Political Networks (20)
Semantic Networks (30)
Social Networks (88)
Transportation Networks (45)
World Wide Web (54)

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