AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 14 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Africa's Sahel rebels use drug trade to fund operations 12/09/09

CD: Report: UN-Backed Congo Troops Killing Civilians 12/14/09

ER: As thousands flee regime, Eritrea goes it alone 12/14/09

GN: Analysis: Guinea leader's wound may end junta rule 12/12/09

GN: Guinea Withdraws Accusation of French Involvement in Shooting 12/11/09

LY: Libya deports 325 Nigerians in two days 12/11/09

MR: Mauritania: Al Qaeda owns up 12/09/09

NG: Nigeria: Enact Domestic Violence Act, FG Told 12/10/09

NG: Nigeria: Local Police Kill At Will – Amnesty 12/10/09

SD: Orchestrating Sudan's next fateful step 12/09/09

SD: Two UNAMID staff freed in Darfur after kidnap ordeal 12/13/09

SO: Somali pirates free Greek ship with 24 Ukrainian crew 12/10/09

UG: Female Circumcision Banned in Uganda 12/11/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


CD: “You Will Be Punished” : Attacks on Civilians in Eastern Congo 12/13/09

ET: Ethiopia rebels spread jitters in oil region 12/11/09

GM: Gambia:West Africa: Is the Sub-Region a Periphery of Coups, Conflicts … 12/09/09

SO: Somalia: Civilians killed in Mogadishu shelling 12/09/09

SO: Minister: Somali Suicide Bomber Was Danish Citizen 12/10/09

Special Operations

AA: US special forces train Yemen army as Arab state becomes al-Qaeda ‘reserve base' 12/13/09

CD: War in the Congo 12/09/09

DJ: Djibouti/France – military exercises 12/11/09

KE: US trains Kenyan officials as it steps up war on crime 12/10/09

SO: Somalia:Three pirates captured 12/13/09

Security Forces

AA: War is Boring: African Nations Combine to Fight Lord's Resistance Army 12/09/09

AA: UN Warned Of Risks In Backing Congo Army Ops: Memo 12/11/09

CF: ‘Several dead' in Centr.Africa attack on rebels 12/09/09

KE: Kenyan Forces Foil Attempt To Kidnap Catholic Nun 12/14/09

KE: Kenyan Security Forces Arrest Somali Terror Suspect 12/10/09

SO: Somalia: Puntland forces kill assailant, President names security committee 12/12/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Sudan stakes new claim on Uganda land 12/13/09

AO: Senior military officers of Angola, Cuba, South Africa meet 12/11/09

ET: Ethiopia's Meles Says Aid Allegations ‘Outrageous and Stupid' 12/12/09

KE: Kenyan MPs pass money laundering law 12/10/09

LR: Liberia: Govt, US Sign Agreements for Increased Annual Assistance 12/11/09

LR: UN commends RP military peacekeepers in Liberia 12/10/09

LY: Break up of Human Rights Watch meeting exposes rifts in Libyan regime 12/14/09

MG: Tensions mount between Madagascan protagonists 12/10/09

SD: North, South Sudan Leaders Agree on Referendum Laws 12/13/09


AA: Cocaine Trade Finds West Africa Window 12/10/09

BW: Police boss says gun crime is one the rise 12/10/09

KE: Drug barons storm Kenya 12/14/09

NG: Nigeria: EFCC Arrests Bafarawa At Opposition Meeting 12/10/09

NG: Nigeria: Police and vigilante killings out of control 12/09/09

SO: Somali pirates hijack Pakistani vessel 12/09/09

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