AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 26 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: Morocco looks for economic development, taxation 01/26/10

AA: Pilot error may have been factor in Ethiopian airliner disaster 01/26/10

AA: Rwanda's genocide leader ‘lives freely in France' 01/24/10

NG: Nigerian naval helicopter crashes; 4 feared dead 01/26/10

NG: Nigerian vice president visits violence-hit city 01/26/10

RW: Rwanda: DRC Refutes FDLR South Kivu Claims 01/27/10

SD: Sudan's ousted PM vows to end ‘totalitarianism' 01/26/10

SO: Pro-somali government militia disbanded 01/24/10

SO: Somali Rebels Deny Threatening to Attack Nairobi 01/22/10

SO: Somalia telecom sector battles instability 01/22/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


CD: Democratic Republic of the Congo – Complex Emergency 01/22/10

DZ: Algeria: Wave of strikes and social unrest 01/26/10

NG: Nigeria: 326 Killed in Jos Crisis, Say Police 01/25/10

NG: Timeline: Tensions in Nigeria 01/23/10

SO: Somalia: Bitter Fighting Continues in Out of Beledweyn Town 01/26/10

SO: Somalia: Hizbul Islam Takes Over Control of Beledweyn Town 01/22/10

Security Forces

AA: More Cooperation between NATO, IDF on Global Terror 01/26/10

CD: Russia gets involved in the reform of the Congolese Armed Forces 01/26/10

GW: UN anti-crime agency to help set up police academy in Guinea-Bissau 01/25/10

SO: EU agrees on Somalia training mission 01/27/10

SO: Somalia: Plan to Integrate Ex-Militias Into Security Forces 01/25/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Africa: Security and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa – Looking to the Future 01/22/10

CD: Congo-Kinshasa: China to Push for Peace in Eastern Region 01/26/10

GN: Guinea interim PM Jean Marie Dore takes office 01/26/10

KE: Kenya: UK can't cancel torture 01/26/10

NG: Nigeria: More Senators Dump Yar'Adua 01/25/10

SD: Rights Abuses Could Undermine Sudan's Election, Says Rights Group Official 01/24/10

SD: JEM rebels want unity with other groups before Darfur peace talks 01/24/10

SD: UN peacekeeping mandate in Sudan comes under US scrutiny 01/27/10


AA: DEA Uncovers a Latin America-Africa Drug-Terror Nexus 01/25/10

CF: CAR leader claims kidnap plot 01/25/10

ET: Ethiopia: Mass Arrests of Oromos in Many Parts of Oromia | OMRHO eV/OHRRO 01/22/10

SO: Somali Pirates: We'll Die Before Releasing UK Couple 01/24/10

ZW: Zimbabwe still hiding war crimes fugitive 01/25/10

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