Worth a Look: GeoChat (SMS Plotted on Map)

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Collaboration Tool

GeoChat emerged from a simple concept – can I send an SMS message and see it on a map?

From there the concept has evolved, and geochat has become a project to build a collaboration platform from the lowest common denominator communication tools, considering as highest priorities the needs of workers of humanitarian aid, international health and disaster response.

The main drivers for the project are the feedback of the InSTEDD programs in South East Asia, exercises such as GoldenShadow, and a growing community of humanitarian and health workers who spend their days in technologically austere environments. We invite anyone from any line of work to use and contribute user experience, technical, and any other kind of feedback.

Phi Beta Iota: InSTEDD [Innovative Support to Emergencies Diseases Disasters] is blessed with the participation of Cdr Eric Rasmussen, USN, a co-founder of STRONG ANGEL which has been allowed to die for all the wrong reasons.  He and Dr. Dr. Dave Warner are pioneers in M4IS2 [Multinational Multiagency Multidisciplinary Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making.]  See also UNICEF's RapidSMS.

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