Event: 16-18 July 2010 NYC NY The Next Hope

Collective Intelligence, Communities of Practice, Computer/online security, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Geospatial, InfoOps (IO), Key Players, Methods & Process, Mobile, Policies, Real Time, Strategy, Technologies, Threats, Tools


The Next Hope (2010)

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Phi Beta Iota: Hackers are like astronauts, pushing the bleeding edge of the envelope.  If the US Government had listened to us in 1991-1994, cyberspace would be secure today, and we would not be spending $12 billion a year on the cyber-scam game–outsourcing to beltway bandits fighting for the 100 folks that actually know how to do this stuff and can qualify for clearances.  Our solution for the regional networks is gong to be multinational and open everything.  This event is specifically recommended for young teens who show signs of intelligence and curiosity, and for mid-career officers beginning to realize that 80% of what they do is without merit, seeking a better way.  This is where we do the right things righter, not the wrong things righter.

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