EUCOM Week in Review Ending 15 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: How the OSCE Can Contribute to Energy Security 01/12/10

AM: Armenian Journalists Face Election Violence, Harassment 01/12/10

AZ: Ankara can follow Baku in creating good relations with Israel – Azerbaijani MP 01/15/10

BG: Protests over plans to give police in Bulgaria the right to monitor e-mails 01/15/10

IL: The dangerous illusion of the ‘peace process' 01/12/10

IL: Barak tells Hezbollah: War with Israel not worth your while 01/12/10

IL: Radical Muslim leader's ban from J'lem extended 01/11/10

RS: Serbia Defence And Security Report 2010 – New Report Published 01/14/10

TR: Turkey to host regional meeting on Afghanistan 01/12/10

TR: Tensions flare after alleged assassination attempt in Turkey 01/14/10

TR: Turkey's Jews Urge Calm After Spat With Israel 01/14/10

UA: A look at Ukraine's top presidential contenders 01/13/10

UA: Ukraine must not forcibly extradite Chechen man to Russia 01/14/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


GR: Greece: new struggles, more repression 01/13/10

RS: Border Tensions Unnerve South Serbia Villagers 01/14/10

Special Operations

AA: The Baltic Battalion is ready for service 01/12/10

AM: Armenia Plans Troop Deployment in Afghanistan 01/13/10

AM: Armenian Ambassador to Germany received Armenian peacekeepers 01/14/10

IL: Israel Rushes Humanitarian Aid, IDF Rescue Units To Haiti, Opens Facebook Group 01/13/10

KV: Peacekeepers to reduce troops in Kosovo 01/14/10

LV: Latvian MoD Schedules 14 Military Exercises for 2010 01/11/10

Security Forces

AA: Jordan arrests suspect in Israeli convoy blast 01/15/10

AL: NATO countries send aid to Albania's flooded north 01/11/10

BG: Bulgaria Police with New Operation to Crack down on Drug Dealers 01/15/10

IL: Israel tests system against Gaza rockets 01/14/10

KV: Kosovo police interrupt Serbian minister's visit 01/13/10

RU: Russian Nuclear Forces 2010 01/12/10

RU: New Russian Subs Await Missiles 01/12/10

RU: Russia appoints new Ground Forces chief, other top commanders 01/13/10

RU: Russia kills ‘militant chief' in Dagestan: reports 01/10/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Chairman of Russian, US Armed Forces staff General Makarov and Admiral Mullen … 01/13/10

AA: “Croatia-Serbia relations are strategic” 01/12/10

AA: Geopolitical and Diplomatic Intelligence 01/14/10

AA: Lebanese PM Hariri's visit to Turkey benefits both 01/13/10

AM: “Armenia will not withdraw from protocols” 01/11/10

LT: Lithuania Infrastructure Report 2010 – New Report Published 01/14/10

MD: Moldova sends humanitarian assistance to Albanian calamity victims 01/11/10

RS: Serbia's Tadic calls for reconciliation among Balkan nations 01/11/10

RU: Russia's influence as mediator in South Caucasus is not limitless: analyst 01/14/10

UA: Ukraine, a nation divided ahead of vote 01/12/10


BA: Rooting out corruption and organised crime 01/14/10

BG: Crime Crackdown Boosts Budget Crackdown in Bulgaria 01/12/10

BG: Bulgaria Agriculture Fund Officials Suspected of Organized Crime 01/14/10

GE: Georgia's mutiny leaders given heavy prison terms 01/11/10

HR: Croatia's challenge 01/13/10

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