Journal: Reality Check on Afghanistan & Gaza

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Chuck Spinney

If you  think the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan is protecting the Afghan people, and especially the rights of women, think again.


Afghanistan’s soft-spoken rebel The voice from the back of the room

Tiny but powerful: Malalai Joya speaks and the women listen

Malalai Joya is only 32, but she has been an exile, a refugee, a teacher of girls in the Taliban’s Afghanistan, and now that country’s youngest member of parliament. She’s still on the run though, and still threatened with assassination

“After 9/11, they occupied my country under the banner of women’s rights and human rights and democracy, but they bring into power this photocopy of the Taliban,” she told supporters in New York. “That’s why today, the situation in Afghanistan is a disaster.”

And on another front….

A second Gaza war around the corner?

Israel's recent aggressions look ominously like the 4 November 2008 attack on Gaza, which killed six persons and shattered the four-month-long truce meticulously respected by Hamas. Predictably, Hamas and other factions retaliated for that Israeli provocation and then Israel used their response to justify its massacre of 1,400 people in Gaza this time last year.

Israel's recent assassinations of Palestinian resistance activists look ominously like the aggression that preceded last winter's attacks in Gaza. (Wissam Nassar/MaanImages)

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