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Network World Names MobileIron a Top 10 Start-up to Watch (Company Press Release)

MobileIron's Innovative Solution for Smartphone Management Drives Selection

Smartphone usage in the enterprise continues to grow rapidly. Forrester Research recently released data showing that 78 percent of information workers across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. either already use or would like to use smartphones to do work. However, smartphones introduce security, cost, and usability challenges that traditional mobile device management strategies cannot address. MobileIron's patent-pending Virtual Smartphone Platform moves smartphone data to the enterprise cloud and gives IT and users unprecedented, real-time intelligence and control while saving 10-20 percent off wireless bills and delivering a compelling new mobile experience.

Peace Jumper Peripheral

Phi Beta Iota: This leads to a press release, but we like it.  We envision the Army Civil Affairs Brigade as the hub for a global network of Peace Jumpers, each armed with a SmartPhone that has reach-back capabilities to a Multinational Decision Support Center and a global grid of 24/7 on call interpreter-translators skilled in 183 languages and all sitting in front of an Internet terminal.

In combination with existing eyeglasses as well as embedded projection capabilities, we see no reason why we cannot enable Smart Multinational Multifunctional Operations within the year.

Haiti should be an information operation, not a physical cluster-dump or financial sink-hole….in our humble opinion.

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