EUCOM Week in Review Ending 6 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: Turkey Brings Up Gaza Issue In Last Meeting Of UN Security Council 01/03/10

BG: Bulgaria Interior Launches New Mass Anti-Criminal Action 01/04/10

HR: Croatia PM overcomes crisis on road to joining EU 01/05/10

IL: IDF to blanket Israel with gas masks 01/04/10

RU: FSB Says Militants Receive Funds from Georgia Too 01/02/10

RU: In Russia, a Bankrupt Town Keeps Humming 01/04/10

RU: Russias security men and spies are shifting back to the shadows 01/03/10

TR: Founder of Special Forces Unit says unit’s illegal acts unacceptable 01/01/10

UA: Yanukovych Could Win First Round in Ukraine 01/06/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AM: Armenian Armed Forces break ceasefire 01/06/10

IL: 3 Palestinian stabbing attacks thwarted Tuesday 01/05/10

RU: Suicide bomber kills five, injures 10 police in Russia’s Dagestan 01/06/10

Special Operations

AA: Turkey, Georgia, UAE bankroll Caucasus rebels: Russian television 01/02/10

LT: Lithuanian troops enter standby in NATO Response Force and EU Battle Group 01/04/10

TR: Court rejects army appeal for end to ‘cosmic search’ 01/04/10

Security Forces

AA: Serbian policemen catching drug dealers in Haiti 01/06/10

AT: Austrian DM vows to combat right-wing extremism in army 01/04/10

AZ: Azerbaijani servicemen to attend courses in Germany 01/05/10

BG: Bulgarian Armed Forces in crisis? (ANNUAL ROUNDUP) 01/02/10

BG: Bulgarian Ship to Join the Armed Escort in Gulf of Aden 01/04/10

CZ: Czech Military Intends to Buy New Assault Rifles 01/04/10

IL: Israeli forces attack Gaza Strip 01/01/10

IL: Police, Tax Authority force mobsters to declare assets in attack on finances 01/06/10

KV: US KFOR personnel move to northern Kosovo 01/05/10

RU: Russian Air Force to update helicopters: Commander 01/04/10

TR: Nearly 300 kg of drugs seized in east Turkey 01/04/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Hamas: Israel taking one step forward, two steps back on Shalit deal 01/03/10

AA: Turkey condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan 01/02/10

AA: Serbia begins Croatia legal fight 01/04/10

AA: Serbia Offers to Mediate Macedonia-Greece Dispute 01/05/10

AA: Turkish-Israeli military alliance grows vulnerable to civilian politics 01/05/10

AA: US Dept of Defense – International Forces Support Afghan Education 01/05/10

BG: EUobserver: Bulgaria puts conditions on Turkey’s EU membership 01/05/10

GE: The pro-Russian dimension in Georgian politics 01/05/10

RU: Russian Parliament Weighs Stiffer Penalties for Protesters 01/05/10


BG: Author of book on local mafia shot dead in Bulgaria 01/06/10

FI: Finland’s Sello shopping center reopens after shooting spree 01/02/10

IL: Be’er Sheva police call off terror alert 01/03/10

IL: Man ‘stabbed friend to death, then raped victim’s mother’ 01/04/10

IL: Med student caught transporting illegal Palestinian workers 01/05/10

RS: Serbia arrests war crime suspect Darko Jankovic 01/04/10

RS: Serbian mafia ranks 8th in the world 01/04/10

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