Event: 10-11 Mar 2010 Washington, D.C. Ethics of Intelligence



International Intelligence Ethics Association (IIEA) and Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies present the 5th International Conference on the Ethics of National Security Intelligence

March 11-12, 2010
— Conference and Hotel Registration: http://scs.georgetown.edu/ethics
— Conference Questions: conference2010@intelligence-ethics.org

Keynote Speakers:

Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient 1997
John Inglis. Deputy Director, National Security Agency

Confirmed presentations for the conference will include:

– Ethics of CyberWarfare and Security
– Intelligence Support for Counterinsurgency Operations
– Military Anthropology and the Ethics of Espionage
– Intelligence and the War Against Terror: The Israeli Experience
– A Case Study: A Course of “Ethics and Intelligence” with a Multi-Discipline Approach
– The Ethics of Human Intelligence Collection: Ethical Problems and Issues Involved in the Recruitment and Use of Informants by Foreign Intelligence Services
– Torture and Intelligence Justum Speculatum: Evaluating the September 2008 Attorney General’s Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations through the Lenses of Just War, Just Peacemaking and Just Policing Theory
– A Case for Constraints: Deontic Moral Checks on the Unrestricted Right of Intelligence Gathering
– Human Rights and the CIA: The Case of the Assassination of Patrice Lumumba
– The Ethics of Intelligence and The Just War Principle of Noncombatant Immunity
– Can We Ethically Communicate the Threat?
– Identifying and Managing Corruption and Other Misconduct Risks in Counter-Terrorism Policing: Case Study of New South Wales Police Counter Terrorist Coordination Command
– The Ethics of Intelligence Support to Military Operations
– Cultural Intelligence for Winning the Peace
– Challenges of The New Committee for the Oversight of The Kosovo Intelligence Agency
– Using Private Corporations to Conduct Intelligence Activities
– The Ethics Of Surveillance: Suspicious Activity Reporting and the Production of US Domestic Intelligence
– Privatized Information Gathering, Just War, and Morality

Also available for preview/sale, and book signings, will be the newest publications on ethics, intelligence, and national security from several publishers.

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