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Blackwater/XE behind terrorist bombings in Asia and Africa?

ByWayne Madsen Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jan 18, 2010, 00:25

WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia and Europe are reporting that the CIA contractor firm XE Services, formerly Blackwater, has been carrying out “false flag” terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sinkiang region of China, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq, in some cases with the assistance of Israeli Mossad and Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) personnel.

Fingers are being pointed at Blackwater/XE and Mossad operatives for the motorbike bomb in Tehran that killed Tehran University nuclear physicist Dr. Moussad Ali-Mohammadi.

General Sir David Richards

Gen Richards' views come ahead of a defence review and potential cuts

A “radical” shift in defence spending is needed, the head of the British army has said.

General Sir David Richards said priority should be given to troops working on the ground on winning over hearts and minds.

He told the International Institute for Strategic Studies there was too much emphasis on cutting-edge technology and not enough on cheaper troops and staff.

The UK was behind its enemies in being prepared for modern warfare, he added.

‘Minds of millions'

Gen Richards said current and future conflicts would focus on using communication to drum up support and would need more British troops to work among populations such as that in Afghanistan.

In his speech in London, he said: “If one equips more for this type of conflict while significantly reducing investment in higher-end war-fighting capability, suddenly one can buy an impressive amount of ‘kit'.

United States Attorney [in NY]  Plans Drug-Terrorism Unit

The United States attorney in Manhattan is merging the two units in his office that prosecute terrorism and international narcotics cases, saying that he wants to focus more on extremist Islamic groups whose members he believes are increasingly turning to the drug trade to finance their activities.

Phi Beta Iota: With thanks to Contributing Editor Berto Jongman.  We consider the reports on Blackwater/Xe to be highly credible and consistent with documented past attacks by CIA, Mossad, and the Indian military intelligence service against and within Pakistan.  We hope that DoD and JSOC are smart enough to stick to one man – one bullet (no Italian waiters, please), and avoid like the plague false flag bombings that will inevitably become public knowledge and another Abu Ghraib.  As for the UK's belated discovery, it's not new, it's just a return to what many of us have long recognized and called constabulary, expeditionary, and asymmetric warfareuncomfortable little wars that yeild little profit for contractors because they actually require sacrifice in the field man on man, mind on mind.

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